Having established ourselves as a trusted logistics partner with deep penetration into the local cultures of GCC & Middle Eastern countries, and warehouses established in strategic locations, you can expect your network to ease into the local markets within a minimum time frame with us.

Our extensive operations network lets us match our fleet to your specific transport and logistic necessities, and can precisely assess your local freight distribution network in terms of its size and area, and then tailor a package that addresses all your essentials.

Why Choose Us

We help you with your local transport needs…

  • Experience in handling shipments
  • Distribution services customized as per your requirement
  • Superior service, backed by strong technology
  • Prompt and high-quality customer support
  • Real-time track and trace
  • Capability to meet your requirements

What We Offer

  • Bulk order upload
  • Door to door delivery
  • Cash on delivery provision
  • Cheque collection
  • Web-based shipment tracking
  • Seamless integration with warehousing facilities
  • Reverse logistics for repair / exchange or return orders
  • Customized report on all shipments

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