COVID-19 Impact on Freight Forwarding in UAE

The pandemic, COVID-19, has caused chaos in individual lives as well as business operations. It is having a tremendous impact on the global logistics and freight forwarding industry as well. Keeping up with the supply chain pressures given the increasing demand of essentials is testing the supply chain skills and freight forwarding capabilities of the companies.

As a responsible logistics company, we are adapting to the needs on a daily basis, and are operating tirelessly to serve the needs of our customers in this chaotic situation. ProConnect Integrated Logistics is accepting shipments for freight forwarding and warehousing in UAE and KSA, as per the guidelines issued by the government of respective countries.

Overall Impact Update in Middle & Africa:

As the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases increase, state and local authorities have advised to take more stringent steps to safeguard the health of the employees. ProConnect has taken measures to ensure its employees are safe and have required material and training for taking apt precautions. Despite the challenges, all operations continue to function.

COVID-19 Impact on Freight Forwarding in UAE

Air Freight Update Highlights

  • All passenger flights have ceased operation from 25th March 2020.
  • All contractual rates continue to remain withdrawn with shipment being accepted only on spot rates which are unpredictably higher.
  • Airlines have extended passenger cargo only flights when load permits, but may be subject to cancellation or changes with short notice 
  • Late last night it was announced by EK and EY that the Passenger flights that had ceased operation from 25th March 2020 would resume temporary operations to ferry stranded passenger and expats who wish to return to their home countries
  • EK have advised that they do carry cargo on these passenger flight, however there no effect on the prices downward.
  •  QY to BAH, LEJ, and onward, FEDEX to CDG, MXP west bound and good capacity to India and Far East. Again, pricing have increased by 8 to 10% within a day.
  • The customs and relevant airport authorities continue to work normal hours supporting movement of all kind of freight, however some delay may be expected.

Sea Freight Update Highlights

  • Major Shipping lines continue to operate as normal into UAE with the usual impact of blank sailings.
  • The feeders’ services within the region has not been affected largely however rates have been impacted with GRI/ equipment imbalance surcharges on certain trade lanes.
  • Currently shipping lines are only working on spot or FAK rates.
  • The port and customs authorities continue to still work as normal, so flow of cargo has not been affected.

Road Freight Updates – UAE

  • Land borders from UAE remain open to Oman and Saudi with long transit time and delays at borders for customs and for screening drivers for health measures
  • All the Immigration offices are closed at the UAE border and hence no new visas are being issued to the drivers
  • For Oman the only entry point is through Kalba/Milha for drivers with valid visas
  • For Saudi Arabia again shipments are moving with long delays at the borders
  • Land freight movements to Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan are restricted except for Food, Medical, Relief and Military

ProConnect Continues to Offer Freight Forwarding Services

With our wide network of agents, partnerships with all major airline and shipping operators, our freight forwarding and logistics services are active, and we look forward to facilitate your requirement.

For any freight forwarding enquiries, Contact Us now.

Disclaimer – All information is of general informational nature, provided for guidance and reference purposes only., ProConnect Supply Chain Logistics takes no legal responsibility and is not liable for the accuracy of the provided information. Source of this information comes from Bollore Logistics.

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