ProConnect Awarded By The Dubai Customs Authority

ProConnect Logsitics, a Redington company, established in 2015, has made exponential growth over 4 years. With a global reach, presence in 4 prominent countries, vast warehousing space of over 300,000 square feet and various industry associations, we are popularly known for Freight Forwarding and warehousing services.

Recognized By The Dubai Customs Authority

ProConnect has a prominent existence in United Arab Emirates. We were recently awarded by the Dubai Customs Authority for Handling The Largest Number of Mobile Shipments in the region in the award ceremony held in June 2019.

We have specialized services for importing, warehousing and distribution of tech goods. Our services not only include storage, but also help customers with packing, bundling, de-bundling of tech goods, distributing them to their vendors, end-customers and the likes.

What’s Next For ProConnect Logistics

Recognition from the Dubai Customs Authority has boosted our motivation and we look forward to making more splashes in the logistics, feight forwarding and warehousing market in the Middle East and Africa region. Learn more about us and what we have to offer, head to our Services section or simply evaluate our Quote for your business needs.
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