What can freight forwarders do to assist with customs clearance?

The process of clearing customs involves preparing and submitting documentation that allows for easier importing or exporting of goods into the country.


The financial institutions may require any documentation necessary for importing based on the country’s regulations, including an invoice, a certificate of origin, a packing list, a shipping bill, a bill of lading, and any other documentation related to exports.


In addition to a sales invoice, certificate of origin, the buyer’s purchase order, supplier invoice, the bill of entry, the bill of lading, and any other documentation that financial institutions in a given country require – the buyer must supply a number of documents. It is necessary that every shipment entering a country’s customs clearance process be documented. The structure of customs laws, regulations, and rules can vary considerably from country to country. Customs agents charge a fee to store goods while they are waiting to be delivered to a warehouse. Using a freight forwarder is one way to simplify the customs process. Freight forwarders can assist you by handling customs agents and filing the proper paperwork so that you don’t have to.


If your cargo does not pass customs inspection, it may result in a delay in delivery. Usually, you will be responsible for additional storage and warehouse fees, which may be in the thousands or even hundreds of dollars. In addition to these expenses, a delay in delivery may have a negative impact on your business. Using a freight forwarder to handle your customs clearance process may help you avoid costly delays. You must select a freight forwarder with customs clearance experience. Even if an inexpensive freight forwarding company saves you money, it may cause you problems if they are inexperienced in the customs clearance process.


Your shipment may be delayed and incur extra expenses if shipping containers and contents are not adequately packed for transit. Your freight forwarder can ensure that your cargo is properly packed and loaded to prevent problems during transit.


There is a lot of paperwork to be completed before your freight can be shipped anywhere in the world. Your freight forwarder can take care of the paperwork to ensure that everything is filled out properly and no delays occur. You should double-check the documents during the documentation to ensure that nothing is missed.

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