Before Packing Your Cargo, Consider These Five Points

Before packing your cargo, you should make a checklist of things to consider.

Use the right type of CTU (Cargo Transport Unit)

It is crucial that you pack your cargo in the proper container size/type. However, the following questions are frequently asked and should be properly understood.

Question: A 40-foot container is twice the size of a 20-foot container. Is it possible to cram 42 tons of cargo into a 40-foot container?

Answer: 20-foot containers are built to handle more weight than bulky products such as minerals, metals, machinery, sugar, paper, cement, steel coils.

40′ containers are built to handle voluminous cargo rather than heavy cargo. Examples – furniture, steel pipes, paper scraps, cotton, and tobacco.

Condition of the CTU

Your cargo’s safety is based on the condition of your CTU. It is extremely critical for your CTU to be in good condition since that is the basis for secure cargo transportation. Whether the container you are using to pack your goods is in good condition, opens you up to potential cargo damage, loss, claims, and so forth. There is a wide range of opinions on who is liable when an exporter picks up a container for packing. The shipping line is usually held accountable for releasing a clean, sound, dry, and cargo-worthy container from its empty storage depot to the transporter of the exporter. On the other hand, the transporter is responsible for ensuring that the shipping line’s instructions are followed when releasing a container from the depot.

Use the correct shipping line’s container 

You might find it hard to believe, but cross-packing is also a serious problem for some multinational corporations, particularly those exporting thousands of containers every day. It’s also a significant concern for some importers, since they have to spread out several containers of different shipping lines if they pack 20 to 30 containers in a day, to multiple destinations. It’s not too difficult to imagine that such a scenario could occur.

ProConnect Integrated Logistics for your Business

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