How to Achieve Better Outcome with Air Freight Shipping

Air freight shipping is costly, we all are well aware of that. However, there are many shippers who prefer air freight due to multiple factors – if they want to keep low but fast-moving inventory, if they want to ship high value items, perishable food items, etc. Strategically approaching your air freight can help you reduce costs as much as possible while still using air freight to your advantage.

In this article, we will describe how to bring from qualified suppliers and use their unique information advantages to help you achieve better results.

What is Consolidated Air Freight Shipping?

Achieve Better Outcome with Air Freight Shipping

Before we dive into consolidated air freight shipping, get introduced to air freight mode through one of our previous posts.

One way to reduce air freight shipping costs is strategy. Use consolidation to help ensure the reliable service and high-quality capacity you need. This helps reduce significant cost differences with other options (such as expedited services). The air freight price is calculated per kilogram and is based on gross weight or volumetric weight. The larger one is charged. When a shipper needs faster option than sea LCL, but does not necessarily require fast shipping, using LCL air freight is a good option.

In consolidated air freight, cargo from multiple businesses or shippers share space on the aircraft. Each shipment on the plane is listed on the same master tracking invoice / master AWB, but each shipment also has its own internal tracking invoice to keep the goods in order. Compared with sea and land transportation, LCL by air is still very fast and can deliver your goods to the destination faster.

When to use air consolidation?

A business can choose air consolidation if they want to aim at fast and reliable deliveries, flexibility and safety of their shipment.

Fast and reliable Deliveries – When the shipper chooses consolidation, the carrier promises a specific flight time. Combined with advanced TMS technology, you can easily track and trace all your shipment movements in one place, and know exactly when your goods arrive at their destination.

Flexibility – In air freight consolidation, shippers can decide to change their decision before 24 hours

 With the help of air cargo integration, and with the help of experienced carriers, carriers can change the way they want their cargo to be transported within 24 hours before the aircraft is loaded. This may be a very valuable function for adjusting unexpected demand or switching scheduling.

Safety – Damage is always a problem because it can be expensive and time consuming. Air freight LCL freight forwarders understand the best practices for effectively avoid or minimize damage. Since air freight integration almost always involves freight forwarders, shippers can rest assured that they know that experienced professionals, like ProConnect Integrated Logistics, dedicated to their success will coordinate the pickup, storage, and loading of products.

There are certain types of cargo that complement air consolidation, like Packaging or boxed goods on pallets, general merchandise, textiles, clothing, technology, mobile phones, mobile phone accessories and spare parts, automobile goods, etc. Inventory costs may exceed transportation costs.

What is Express Air Freight Shipping?

Expedited air freight service is the fastest mode of transportation. Expedited service can also be called on next departure flight. This means that it puts the cargo on the next available flight.

When to use expedited air transport?

Sometimes expedited air transport is inevitable. These times are usually determined by the conditions that cause the time reduction: unexpected delays in manufacturing, customer pressure caused by seasonal demand, or the like. However, even in these cases, assembly may be a viable option for your cargo. If there is a delay in production, check your entire supply chain before deciding that accelerated air is your only option.

How To Maximize The Advantages Of Your Air Freight Options?

Using an air freight expert like ProConnect Integrated Logistics, is the most effective way for shippers to ensure that your business uses integrated and expedited services in the best possible way. Experienced freight forwarders and consolidators are particularly important for LCL, because most airlines only accept cargo from freight forwarders or consolidators. The job of a freight forwarder is to integrate the freight of several companies and provide it to the airline as a whole.

Air carriers usually provide consolidated air freight at a lower cost because they can attract multiple customers, thereby increasing loading rates and pallet utilization. This saves you time and resources by freeing integrated logistics from your hands and turning it over to experts. If the carrier has inspection machines and certified personnel, they can also inspect the goods, so you don’t have to pay extra for third-party inspections.

Final Thoughts –

The best way to handle air freight requires strategic planning, not passive decisions made under pressure. Make an informed decision. It is important to know both sides of the equation to make decisions. Air freight is the fastest and most expensive method of transportation, but you can maximize the advantages of air freight and minimize costs by using a balanced expedited and combined air freight method.

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