Here Are Some Reasons Why LTL Shipping Can Benefit You

LTL shipping is a growing trend in the freight forwarding industry. It offers many benefits to businesses and customers, which we will highlight below.

What is LTL Shipping?

If your cargo isn’t considered heavy or big enough to fill the entire truck, then LTL is a cheaper alternative. Instead of consolidate freight into one lane, which would be more costly and less efficient, synergistic carriers share space on trucks so that they can transport their customers’ goods at an affordable cost. Our previous blog post will help you decide whether FTL or LTL road freight is right for you.

So How Can LTL Shipping Benefit You?

It is not unusual for shippers to choose LTL freight over FTL shipments. It may seem like a slower, more labor-intensive option when you compare it with the speed and convenience that FTL offers but there are many benefits of opting for an LTL shipment: no handling charges at all; it has fewer requirements than FLT shipping which means less paperwork needed; last-mile delivery service available (far from competitive); can be shipped in bulk so as to save on overall costs.

Reduces Shipping Cost:

The most important advantage of LTL shipping is that you share the cost with other shippers. This means overall shipping costs are reduced for both trucking companies and shippers, which will provide a win-win situation.

Better Safety and Security:

LTL shipping is a safer way to ship goods than other methods. You can be assured that your cargo will not get damaged and you are protected from any environmental damages while the shipment is being transported between points of origin, destination or during transit. Your shipments will arrive in good condition too!

Operational Flexibility:

Though FTL shipping offers more control and flexibility, LTL can be an option as well. It may provide the same operational flexibility that is usually associated with FTL shipping but for different individuals or businesses who have regular shipments of low volumes – they might prefer to use LTL because it ensures their shipments are picked on time, carried through the desired route and delivered in a timely manner.

With LTL, manufacturers can save overhead costs of storage space by batching their goods and shipping them regularly.

Another benefit of LTL is that you can ensure your operations are aligned to meet changing demand, and the availability of products.

More Eco-friendly Option:

LTL is one of the eco-friendly options for shipping. It’s an economical option because you share load with other shippers and ship your package using a vehicle that uses less fuel, thus reducing environmental impact.

On Point Tracking:

The probability of your package being lost in transit is quite low, even with many handling points for shipping. Shippers and carriers can use tracking, which is available through the Bill of Lading number or shipment reference number to track packages on a daily basis. Plus all parties involved have agreed that fewer stops during the route will reduce handling points for shipping so more items make it to their destination.

ProConnect Integrated Logistics for LTL Shipments

A well known freight forwarding and 3PL company in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, ProConnect Integrated Logistics caters to all kinds of road freight requirements for companies across various industry verticals. Whether you have FTL or LTL shipments, trust us with it. Our vast agent network, relationships with carrier and extensive experience in the region – we can handle it all for you. Get quote for your upcoming shipments today!

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