Here’s a guide to achieving better outcomes with air freight shipping

Air freight shipping is costly, and we all know this. However, many shippers prefer air freight due to multiple factors, for instance – if they want to keep small quantities but fast-moving inventory, ship high-value items, or perishable food items. Strategically approaching your air freight can help you reduce costs as much as possible while still using it in a way that benefits you the most.

In this article, we will talk about how to get qualified suppliers and use their unique information advantages to help you achieve better results.

Consolidated Air Freight Shipping

Before we dive into consolidated air freight shipping, get introduced to air freight mode through one of our previous posts.

If a company would like to reduce air freight charges, they should use consolidation as it will help them obtain the reliable service and high-quality capacity that they need. This is helpful in reducing major cost differences with other options (for instance, expedited services). The air freight price is calculated per kilogram and based on gross weight or volumetric weight. The larger one is charged when you are using an LCL shipping option instead of sea LCL delivery which comes at a faster rate but not always fast enough for certain needs.

When should you use air consolidation?

Businesses can choose air consolidation if they want to ensure rapid and safe delivery, flexibility, and safety of their shipment.

Fast and reliable Deliveries – When an individual chooses to consolidate their shipment, the carrier promises a specific time for the movement of goods. With advanced TMS technology in place, deliveries can be tracked and traced at all times with bi-directional updating.Air freight integration allows shippers to change their decision up until the start of loading. With the help of experienced carriers, they can rearrange cargo transport in a matter of hours before loading it onto an aircraft. This is valuable if any unexpected demand or schedule switching takes place – and you want your cargo transported as quickly as possible!

Safety – Damage can be time-consuming and expensive, which is why we always need to find the best ways to avoid it. Air freight LCL freight forwarders know what should be done in order for them not to incur any damage. For example, by integrating air cargo with a shipper’s other logistics processes like storage and loading. And since air cargo usually involves a forwarding agent these days, you can rest assured that experienced professionals like ProConnect Integrated Logistics will coordinate the pickup of your products as well as its storage until they are shipped off into their final destination!

What is Express Air Freight Shipping?

Expedited air freight service is the fastest mode of transportation. It can also be called on next departure flights, which means it will put your cargo on the next available flight.

When to use expedited air transport?

Expedited air transport may be inevitable when the conditions that cause the time reduction are in effect. For instance, if there is a delay in production and it can’t be resolved by other means than expedited cargo. Even then, assembly might still work for you to get your product out on time!

The Advantages Of Your Air Freight Options

When shipping cargo with an air freight expert like ProConnect Integrated Logistics, the most expeditious way for your business to be handled is if you use integrated and expedited services in the best possible manner. Experienced freight forwarders and consolidators are especially important for LCL shipments because most airlines only accept cargo from a freight forwarder or consolidator. The job of a freight forwarder is to integrate all of your company’s goods so that you can deliver it as one shipment in order to save time during transit.

Air carriers usually provide consolidated air freight to save you time and resources by freeing integrated logistics from your hands. If they have inspection machines and certified personnel, they can also inspect the goods you are shipping.


To handle air freight, you need to make a strategic plan instead of making rash decisions under pressure. It’s important to know both sides of the equation before making any decision. Air freight is faster and more expensive than other methods but can be maximized by using a balanced expedited and combined method for shipping purposes.

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