International Shipping: The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Cargo

It can be a significant time-and-money drain for enterprises that export and import goods if items are damaged during transit. Here are three suggestions for preparing your package for global delivery with parcel express services.

The first thing you must do is examine how secure your goods are throughout the full transit process:

You should also check whether your items are ready for the pressures of international shipping. It is not just critical that your products are safeguarded against harm, but also that they are ready to handle whatever international shipping throws their way. It is particularly crucial to ensure that your products are stackable when shipping in combination with other goods. If your items are stacked and lifted by a forklift, they must be able to withstand being handled. When your items are loaded and stacked, they will probably be handled by a forklift and transported further. You should make sure your goods can be handled safely.

As with any business partnership, you should always be prepared to negotiate rates. You should also know the rates you’re paying for services related to freight forwarding. This will allow you to determine if your rates are fair or if you’re paying more than you should be. If your vendor doesn’t budge on their rates, be prepared to walk away from the relationship. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re paying more for services than you should be or where you’re unable to grow your business due to exorbitant expenses. When negotiating rates, look for holes in the vendor’s business model. If you can offer a solution that makes their business more profitable, they’re more likely to reduce their rates.

Get The Packaging Right:

When sending parcels internationally, your organisation should at least invest in double-walled or reinforced parcel boxes. The additional security this kind of packaging offers is well worth the cost, and it’s an easy method to reduce damage during transit. Corrugated cardboard can safeguard a wide range of merchandise, and since containers come in a variety of dimensions and weight capacities, they’re the optimal first step for businesses seeking to reduce return rates. By clearly labeling delicate goods as such on the outside of their packing, couriers will know how carefully they must be handled.

 Choose Functionality Over Looks:

In an effort to improve the look of the packaging, many industries are choosing to use packaging that prioritizes looks over protection. While sacks and baskets are growing in popularity, the customer prefers how their goods are delivered than the protection or condition of the goods they receive. While customers may like the way the product is delivered, it means little if it is broken or damaged. Choose packaging that protects the product over packaging that looks good. While you are shipping internationally, you may want to send your goods to an interim destination in sturdy packaging. Later, the products can be delivered in protective but soft packaging closer to the destination in order to protect the products as much as possible during their journey.

ProConnect Integrated Logistics – Your Freight Forwarding Partner

There are many freight brokers in the industry, it is important for you to choose the right partner for your shipment. Your shipment is valuable, and we ensure we treat it like ours. ProConnect Integrated Logistics gets its expertise, experience and value of working from its group company – Redington. Over the years, ProConnect has established itself as a preferred freight forwarder and logistics partner for many companies in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, catering to a variety of industries.

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