Shipping From China to Dubai

  • Introduction
  • Available Modes of Shipping From China and Dubai
  • When to Choose Air Freight?
  • When to Choose Sea Freight?
  • How a Freight Forwarder Can Help?

Dubai has increasingly shown potential in becoming the global logistics hub and has made impressive growth in the logistics sector. This has made Dubai a center point for trading and logistics between Europe and Far East countries. Owing to this, shipping from China to Dubai has become one of the most popular services required by several businesses today. However, many of them drop the idea, due to the complexities, costs and compliances involved – a freight forwarder like ProConnect Integrated Logistics can help.

Shipping from China to Dubai - ProConnect Integrated Logistics

Modes of Shipping From China to Dubai, UAE

Air freight and sea freight are two lucrative options for importing or shipping from China to Dubai, and door to door being the third one. Depending on a few factors like available space, freight size, volume, transit speed and cost; you can choose which of these options would be more suitable for you. Below, we give you detailed information for both the shipping modes available and how should you make a suitable choice.

Air Shipping from China to Dubai

If you are looking for express service or faster delivery to Dubai, then air freight should be your best bet, obviously. But, remember, air freight can be quite expensive. It is worthy to note that faster transit time is not just the reason to opt for air freight, it depends on many other variables. There are many airports in China that provide air freight between China and Dubai, the transit time also depends on which airport you are choosing to ship from.

When to Choose Air Freight?

For Faster delivery – Though the flight time from China to Dubai is just a few hours, air freight could take anywhere between 2 days to 10 days. This is generally due to time taken by other preparatory factors like –

  • Airport in China from where cargo will be loaded
  • Availability and booking of cargo space in the carrier
  • Transporting goods from warehouse / factory to specified airport
  • Loading and unloading freight
  • Custom clearance process
  • Security Check process

Type of Goods – The type of goods to be sent from China to Dubai also plays an important role in determining the mode of shipping. Cases where goods are fragile, perishable, have high season demand, or need immediate replenishment – air freight makes perfect sense.

Goods Handling – We all know, in air freight the handling points for goods are far lesser as compared to sea freight. Cases where goods are delicate, air freight is preferred.

More Security – Security checks and procedures are stricter at airports. Goods that are delicate and are of high value are usually shipped by air.

Sea Shipping from China to Dubai

If time is not a cause of concern and if you are looking to ship larger volumes, then sea freight would be preferable as it cost effective, as compared to air freight. Sea shipping from China to Dubai can be done either through FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less that Container Load).

FCL is considered when the volume of  goods is enough to fill an entire 20 ft or 40 ft container. IN this case, FCL can prove to be cost effective. FCL is also faster as compared to LCL shipments – as you have the containers exclusively to yourself.

LCL is considered when your goods share space with that of others in a single container. When your shipments are smaller in size and volume of your goods is not enough to fill an entire container, LCL is considered. This is cost effective, as you are charged only for the space you occupy. It is important to note that typically, LCL takes longer to reach compared to FCL – as it requires additional handling, consolidation, deconsolidation and logistics.

When to Choose Sea Freight?

Economical on Pocket – As compared to air freight, sea freight is rather economical, specially in cases where goods weight more than 100 kgs. Opting for either FCL or LCL will cost you far lesser depending on the size, volume and type of goods you are looking to ship.

Transit Time Is Not A Concern – Sea freight from China to Dubai usually takes 20 days to 38 days, depending on the sea port and your choose to ship from. There are more than 20 sea ports in China. When your shipment is not time sensitive, extra delicate and required to be delivered asap, then sea freight should be your best bet.

Goods are heavy or of high volume – For goods that are heavier on volume and size, or that need to be shipped in bulk, sea freight should be preferred.

How Freight Forwarder Can Facilitate Importing from China to Dubai

For you to import from China to Dubai, it is important you are aware of which modes to choose from and the custom clearance process as well. It is important to know the documents required for custom clearance process and have them ready to avoid any delays or loss in the clearance process. A freight forwarder like ProConnect Integrated Logistics possess extensive, n ground experience for importing shipment from China to Dubai and ca suggest you the most suitable options based on your logistics need. You can also request your freight forwarder to get you quotes for both air freight and sea freight and choose which one would be more suitable.

For any of your upcoming shipments from China to Dubai or UAE, contact us!

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