The Pick and Pack Distribution In Warehousing: What It Is, How It Works And Its Importance

There is a certain level of mystery surrounding the pick and pack distribution in warehousing. It’s understandable, because this seemingly simple task is one that many organizations do not find easy to execute. The benefits of doing so are clear and immense, however, so let’s take a look at what it is, how it works and why it’s so important.

What is the pick and pack distribution in warehouse?

The pick and pack distribution in the warehouse work by having incoming goods picked and placed on different storage shelves in a warehouse. This system lets customers pick and order items directly from the shelves, bypassing all the unnecessary steps such as receiving, preparing, storing, and shipping the inventory. In this system, the custom-ordered product is placed on the shelf where the customer picks it, and nothing else is touched. This distribution is a relatively new system, but it has grown in popularity dramatically over the past few years. It’s particularly useful for small, independent retailers and other businesses without the significant inventory-shipping capacity of large retailers.

How a pick and pack distribution works?

The first thing that happens when goods are distributed in a pick and pack warehouse is that the products are tagged with their barcodes. This tagging is done using RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology. This tagging provides information like the item’s product code, quantity, the stock location, shelf location and even the customer’s order number. From here, the tagging system sends this information to the distribution system, which uses barcode scanners to read the tags and locate the products. When a customer places an order, their order number is sent to the system via the order data system (ODS), which can be a cloud-based system or an in-house system. The system then checks the stock locations to see if the products are in stock and, if so, displays a list of their product codes. The system then uses the RFID tags to locate the products and lets the customer know the stock location. This entire process can be done without the customer being inside the distribution center.

Why is it important to have a pick and pack distribution in warehouse?

Moving goods from storage shelves to the shelves of the distribution center can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Instead of having to go from dock to dock to move the goods, customers can simply walk down the aisles and take what they need from the shelves. Because customers don’t need to go through the process of receiving, storing and shipping the items, the distribution center can move significantly more inventory in less time. Another benefit of a pick and pack distribution is that inventory can sit on the shelves, rather than sit in storage. This can save significant amounts on energy costs because there’s no need to keep the lights on to heat the warehouses. The distribution system can also make use of the increased capacity, so there’s less chance of items sitting on the shelves for long periods of time before being taken.

Pick and Pack Distribution Tools

There are a number of tools that can help you adopt this type of distribution system. You can choose between fully automated pick and pack distribution systems and systems with automated picking integrated. Manual picking is still the most common method used in distribution centers, but the technology is improving all the time. New sensors make picking more efficient, while sensors that detect when a shelf has been picked detect when it’s time to replace the shelves. These systems can also keep track of inventory levels, so there’s less chance of overstocks of certain products.

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