Top Tips For Selecting A Warehouse For Your Business

As obvious as it may sound, stock keeping, and inventory management are a key to maintain balance between the demand and supply in the market for successful business operations. Given this being a fundamental step of the business, it is fairly important that you choose storage and warehouse facility that best fit your business needs.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Warehouse?

Most common aspects that businesses consider are the cost of the warehouses and the storage space that they can offer. While there is no denying that these are indeed one of the primary factors to consider while choosing a warehouse premises for your business, we have listed down some more factors that you should be considering while evaluating a warehouse and its services for your business.

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Top Tips That Would Help You In Warehouse Selection

  1. Warehouse Layout:
    Warehouse layout can contribute remarkably to your daily overheads. It is important to evaluate whether the warehouse layout suits your operation styles and your needs. Day-to-day operational costs can be optimized through efficient designs that make operations effortless and quick.
  2. Size of the Warehouse:
    Does the warehouse offer adequate storage space? Is it just enough to accommodate your current storage requirement? Is it a shared warehouse space? Is it way too large or way too small? These are some of the questions that you need to check off your list. While evaluating the size, it is important that you consider your future business potential and the potential additional storage that you might require.
  3. Location:
    Where are your products going to go next from the warehouse? Are they going to be distributed in the local market, are they going to be forwarded to another location? Are you going to be receiving stocks frequently? These and many more such questions would help you determine a good warehouse location and lower your costs.
  4. Logistical Integration:
    Location is closely knit with the logistical integration. It is vital to think a step ahead here. Are your goods going to be forwarded to another location? Consider proximity to important ports, land routes, air connectivity while evaluating. Consider ease of accessibility to trucks, multi modal logistical integration.
  5. Cost of the warehouse:
    Cost will be one of the defining factors while zeroing in on a warehouse premises. Estimate the operational, distribution and forwarding costs, and other service costs that require to be undertaken based on proximity to your clients, to the market and to gateway to other markets. Good financial planning will help in exacting the warehouse cost as there are many tiny factors that may be overlooked in the initial stage.
  6. Safety, security & Insurance:
    While trusting a warehouse provider for your goods, it is important a security audit is undertaken by you to ensure the warehouse’s safety and security measures align with yours.

    While security is an important factor, it is important to have a proper insurance policy in place for your goods. It is likely that the warehouses provider has a policy in place, but an understanding of the terms is a must.

Shifting from one warehouse to the other is a labour intensive, time consuming and a costly affair – it is important you consider several factors before choosing a warehouse for your goods that not only serves your current need but is capable to take care of your future growth needs too.

Talk to us for further discussion and tips for choosing an apt warehouse for your business. ProConnect, not only offers warehouse space but also offers custom solutions to suit your business needs. We have skilled ground staff, an integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS), 130,000+ storage space, packing, bundling, de-bundling, tracking and other services to aid your business operations.

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Jesse Ford
Jesse Ford

Thanks for mentioning that when choosing a warehouse storage service you want to look at the layout of the facility to see if they fit your operation style or needs. My brother is thinking about starting a business in the future in the same town he lives in selling products and will need to find an

Faylinn Byrne
Faylinn Byrne

I think it is so important how you explained that you should consider the distribution costs and plan financially to be able to exact those costs. My brother became a manager in a warehouse and he is looking for supplies and services to help him out. If I were in his situation I would start looking for professional services in the area that could be beneficial to me.


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Mike Sanders
Mike Sanders

I like what you said about finding a warehouse with a layout that will meet your needs. My sister has been telling me about how she wants to find some new industrial space for her business in the coming quarter. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for professionals who can help her with this.

Ron Booker
Ron Booker

I agree that the warehouse location should be as close a possible to the company because it will save you time when managing the inventory. My boss asked me to find him a warehouse so we can store more products because eth one we have is full of machines and other tools. I will keep in mind your recommendations o I can find the best warehouse in the area. and starting storing the goods properly.

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