Warehousing 101

There are different sizes of shipping containers and they have various applications.

You’ll find a wide variety of container dimensions if you’re researching different logistics companies and shipping methods. The size you choose will depend on the type of product you want to ship, the class of the shipment, and the quantity. You’ll find that there are a number of container dimensions. The dimensions we’ll go over are the most common.

Standard Container Sizes

20-Foot Containers:

Intermodal containers, also known as 20-foot containers, are versatile and commonly used for intermodal cargo transport. They can be shipped via ship, truck, and railway without unpacking and reassembling the goods without a hitch. Intermodal containers are popular throughout the world due to their versatility. They are used for nearly any type of cargo and can include liner bags for bulk shipments. Forklift pockets can be built into the container for smoother loading.

40-Foot Containers:

As well as being ideal for most kinds of cargo, 40-foot containers are comparable to 20-foot containers in many ways. You may line them with liner bags as well. The added size of the container makes it possible to transport and store larger amounts and varieties of merchandise.

48-Foot and 53-Foot Containers:

48-foot containers are a bit larger than standard ISO containers and additionally include an extra six inches in width. 53-foot containers are widely used in the U.S. and Canada.

Pallet Wide Containers:

Pallet wide containers have about four inches of additional internal floor space than standard containers. They are only use in Europe to accommodate for Euro-pallets, and are typically unnecessary in the U.S.

Small Shipping Containers:

Small containers are also available for military applications. They comply with ISO container dimensions and stand at eight feet tall. Containers that are half the size of 20-foot containers are known as bicons, one-third the size containers are known as tricons, and one-fourth the size containers are known as quadcons.

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