What Do The Different Markings on a Shipping Container Mean?

What Do The Different Markings on a Shipping Container Mean?

Anyone who has ever worked in a warehouse, done any type of shipping, or even just seen a truck full of crates heading out on the road knows that there are markings all over the outside of these containers. These symbols are often not only puzzling but also confusing. Who is this marking for? What does it mean? How do I decipher it? Here are some ways to help break down what these markings mean so you can know what to expect when you open your next crate.

What do the different markings on a shipping container mean?

Shipping containers are marked with symbols to communicate information about the contents of the container. These symbols are used for your safety, to help you understand what is in the container, and for inventory purposes.

The most basic markings on a shipping container are visible through the side door windows of the container. These markings will state “Hazardous” if there is any hazardous cargo on board. The top of the container will also have an identification number, which is typically assigned by customs officials upon arrival at a port or airport.

If you walk around to the back of a container, you will find a radiation symbol printed in yellow with a registration number in black underneath it. This symbol indicates that radioactive material is in this container, and it should not be opened without taking proper precautions. The meaning of all other symbols depends on what type of cargo is being shipped–though they typically tell you if hazardous materials are present in the crate or not.

Breakdown of each marking

1. First, these markings will tell you the weight and type of contents inside. If you want to know how much something weighs or if it is flammable, this is where you would find that information.

2. The markings also contain the name and address of the company that sent the goods and where they were shipped from. This helps with documentation and properly tracking goods for customs purposes.

3. The markings will then show whether there is a bill of lading which is a receipt detailing who and what was shipped and who to send it to, as well as any other pertinent information such as shipment dates, item numbers, etc.

4. Sometimes you’ll see symbols indicating hazardous materials such as chemicals or asbestos because safety should always be your number one priority when handling anything related to shipping containers because they can be carrying hazardous materials such as asbestos in some cases without anyone even knowing about it until it’s too late!

5. You may also see symbols on crates that indicate whether they are food grade- meaning safe for consumption in most cases- in order to meet health standards in countries around the world.

6. Finally, you may also see markings indicating that certain containers are “non-flammable” which means that they are not considered hazardous when transporting them on airplanes according to FAA rules despite their contents being potentially flammable in other situations.

How to read the markings as a rule

First, you must know that these markings are for the driver. These symbols tell the driver what type of cargo is inside, what it weighs, and where it is going.

So now, let’s look at some different markings so you can know exactly what they are saying.

Conclusion: You might not know what these markings mean, but they have a very important job to do. Without them, the cargo in your container would be left in the dark when it comes to their ultimate destination.

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