Why Outsourcing Warehousing Operations Is Beneficial?

If you have an ERP system that is managed by someone else, you have probably read about the benefits of outsourcing inventory management and inventory management. This not only includes savings in time and resources, but can also help you better understand how much inventory you will have at any point in time. With so many moving SKUs, parts or different products, inventory management can be complicated.

Benefits of Outsourcing Warehousing Operations

Better Resource Allocation –

Warehousing and fulfillment are resource intensive activities – be it infrastructure, operations or maintenance. If you are new to the warehousing or if you already have space and are looking to expand – outsourcing warehousing operations can help you save costs on additional overheads of employing warehouse staff, technology, infrastructure, security, insurance and so on. Appointing a 3PL like ProConnect Integrated Logistics, who already have the above can help you save additional costs and concentrate on better allocation of your resources.

Choose Warehouse Locations Strategically

In a perfect world, you would want to keep every product as close as possible to ports as well as its final destination – wholesaler, retailer or end customer. Well-managed logistics companies usually have this taken care of, as they have warehouses strategically located near important ports and important regions which can also help in reducing distribution costs. When scouting for warehouses, you can choose facilities at the locations that best suit your business requirement.

Real Time Inventory Visibility

Inventory management is considered indispensable when customers expect the best from their warehouse operations, especially in the early stages of production. One of the prime reasons why outsourcing warehousing proves beneficial is that a logistics company has technologically advanced WMS (Warehouse Management System), which enables you to see instantly what your inventory looks like at any point of time. For SMBs especially, the cost of setting up their own WMS can be taxing on their balance sheet.

WMS gives you the opportunity to understand more about the demand and market shifts of your products. It also provides insights to build portfolio of particular SKUs, remove SKUs or products – thus helping you keep up with the market demands and keep your customers happy while making your supply chain efficient and streamlined.

Managing Market Shifts

Consumer demands are dynamic and seasonal. Keeping up with these dynamic shifts is the key to success for every business. Businesses can face huge losses if unable to meet the consumer demands with the right products.  

Logistics companies like ProConnect Integrated Logistics can help mitigate such problems by managing inventory and giving you real time visibility into your inventory, helping you increase your ability to meet demands and market shifts.

Outsourcing Warehousing Operations to ProConnect Integrated Logistics

Employing a trusted warehousing and 3PL company like ProConnect Integrated Logistics, which manages inventory, fulfillment and distribution can help you in more ways than one. We offer a wide range of services like packing, bundling, de bundling, inbound and outbound handling along with a strong WMS, dedicated team and competitive prices – helping you achieve your goals in the best possible manner. Of course, it can be really overwhelming at time, but it just gives you more time to concentrate on your core business while we take care of all the inventory management hassles and improve efficiency of your business.

With 21 warehouses, strategically located in UAE and Saudi Arabia – we have build the expertise and experience in several industries. Evaluate us!

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