Why Should Your Warehouse Provider Have a WMS?

Supply chain and logistics have become dynamic over the years. Warehousing and inventory management, being the integral part of supply chain have to be handled dynamically too. It is, therefore, crucial to attain efficiency in warehousing – manually maintaining inventories and stocks has been cast-off, replaced by Warehouse Management System (WMS) that have proved to enhance the efficiency for all types of businesses. If you are evaluating warehousing providers, it is vital you understand the scope of their WMS too. But before that, let’s understand what a WMS is.

WMS – Introduction

WMS, abbreviation for Warehouse Management System, is a software used in the warehousing business to provide visibility of the inventory to the stakeholders. It is fairly simple to integrate a WMS to a company’s system, it is programmed based on the requirements, and is helpful specially to keep track of every single SKU, and even a single product under a particular SKU.

WMS enables a company to optimize their warehousing and supply chain by keeping them abreast on the buying patterns, sales trends and further monitor, alter their stocks and fulfillment patterns accordingly.

How Does WMS Help?

WMS changes the way a warehouse operates – as this software eliminates manual stock recording, redundancy, chances of error and much more. If you are looking for a warehousing and fulfillment provider, it is important you are aware of how a WMS can impact your business.

Insights of Your Supply Chain –
A WMS gives you real time insights of your inventory to the lowest level unit providing accurate information on your stocks. This would help you in understanding the market trends, fast selling SKUs and thus aiding your restocking plans. A WMS also provides visibility in the supply chain, enabling you to track your shipments and orders.

Optimize Costs –
WMS eliminates the manual work of stock keeping and as the same time adds efficiency in the process. With a WMS in place, your warehouse providers require lesser labor hours, in turn reducing your overhead costs.

Streamlined Processes –
Warehousing involves multiple activities like inbound operations – receiving shipments, tagging and logging the system, storage of goods and outbound operations – locating the required inventory, bundling, labelling for shipment and handing over to the delivery personnel. The process requires a lot of movement of inventory, labor and time; even a small error could lead to a loss. A WMS helps in streamlining the process and recording the activities seamlessly, leading to lesser chances of error and more accuracy. Any chances od delays are understood well in advance.

Flexible and Scalable Operations
Dynamic is the right word for today’s market conditions and buyer behavior. A WMS helps you keep up with the seasonal spikes and sudden drops in demand of your products. With real time insights of your stocks, you can effortlessly check the availability of your inventory and scale your operations accordingly.

Easy Integration
A warehouse provider can easily integrate their WMS with your system – giving you visibility into your inventory, stock-in and stock-out at the comfort of your office / home. This eliminates the need for you to constantly check in with your warehousing provider for updates.

Business Intelligence
A WMS can generate multiple reports on your inventory and sales trends. The visibility into these real time reports helps stakeholders at every level understand consumer behavior, stock flow and take business decisions accordingly.

There are many more advantages of working with a warehousing provider having a WMS.

ProConnect Integrated Logistics’ WMS

With state-of-the art WMS system at all our 21 warehouses in UAE and KSA, we seamlessly integrate our WMS with your system. We specialize in providing customized data and reports to our customers giving them deeper visibility of their inventory and sales trends. We can customize our WMS for your business, talk to us today.

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