An Introduction to Air Freight

Air Freight

Air freight refers to the importation of products via a freight forwarder or a logistics company. These products are usually imported through a freight forwarder or a logistics company. Freight forwarding companies can assemble and deliver bulk quantities of products both locally and globally. Importing these products can be handled by the freight forwarding company as the point man.

Air Freight And Air Cargo?

In shipping terminology, Airfreight and Air Cargo are both commonly used terms. Because the phrase ‘air cargo business’ is commonly used to refer to companies that don’t own airplanes to transport products, most people mistakenly think that the Air Cargo business is those that simply add products to the standard domestic or international cargo capacity.

How Does Air Freight Work?

There are three types of air freight carriers: passenger, cargo-only, and supercargo planes. Items of all sizes and weights may be delivered by air. It is possible to send anything via air freight, regardless of its weight or size. Air freight services are divided into three classes.

  1. By Commercial planes: Commercial planes earn a significant portion of their revenue by delivering air freight. Goods to be shipped by air are loaded into the belly of commercial planes along with other items.
  2. Capacity: The cargo hold of the aircraft is located below the passenger compartment. The largest aircraft can accommodate around 150 cubic metres of products. Combination aircraft can accommodate up to 283 cubic metre of product packages. The cargo deck is used to store the items to be shipped.
  3. Freight Plane: Freight planes can carry a lot more than commercial planes can. These large parcel integrators, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the like, operate cargo planes.
  4. Electric Rollers: Cargo planes lack space to drive forklift trucks and hence use electric rollers to help push their freight pallets across the deck.
  5. Super Transporters: A cargo plane can carry anything from a truck to a plane, and even a helicopter or two. These aircrafts, which are especially built to handle large cargo, are used a lot by businesses to move goods. They are designed to handle stuff that is bigger than what a regular aircraft can handle.

ProConnect Integrated Logistics for your Business

You’re not the only one thinking of outsourcing part of your operations to a 3PL, many companies and shippers agree and rely on us to efficiently support them. Optimizing supply chain is not easy, it requires tying lots of activities and ends together, opting for an experienced 3PL like ProConnect Integrated Logistics can offer many benefits – thanks to their expertise, experience, resources and of course, their network, which can reduce your supply chain risks marginally. You may or may not have a supply chain department of your own, but you still need a trusted team to identify and avoid potential risks and problems that can affect your supply chain operations. Therefore, a 3PL is often turned to and appointed by large companies as well as SMBs.

For any questions or evaluation, get in touch with us.

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