Important Things To Know If You Are Getting Freight From China To The United Arab Emirates

Freight Shipping From China to UAE

Dubai, the Middle East’s economic hub, has benefited greatly from the United Arab Emirates’ position between Asia and Europe. But, if you’ve dismissed sending freight from the Far East to the Middle East by air or sea due to high costs or customs complications, help is at hand. The United Arab Emirates’ location has helped it thrive as a global commercial centre, assisting in its development. In addition to Dubai, where economic activity is focused, the UAE’s economy is bolstered by Dubai International Airport and the Jebel Ali Freezone, both of which are located near the city, as well as the Ras Al-Khair Free Zone, near the Persian Gulf. The UAE has also benefitted from Dubai’s strategic position at the crossroads of the Indian and Pakistani economies, and its location between Asia and Europe has helped it develop as a trade and transport hub.

How Can You Ship From China to the UAE?

We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of shipping from China to the United Arab Emirates via air and sea here.

Ocean Freight From China to Dubai and the UAE

An LCL shipment is packaged in a container shared by other shippers and will be allotted space. You don’t have to invest in the entire container since you only pay for the volume of space your cargo takes up. If you want to move small consignments from China to the UAE, LCL shipping might be your best choice.

Using an FCL service, you pay a flat fee to have a shipping container shipped from China to the UAE and then rented exclusively for your use. It may be cheaper than using LCL, especially if you are transporting large, heavy items.

An air shipment from China to Dubai and the UAE can be a cost-effective way of delivering your goods quickly. However, be prepared to pay a higher bill for this fast and flexible service.

Customs Clearance in China and the UAE

International shipping used to be quite confusing before all the codes, regulations, and papers were required. Most importers and exporters would rather let professional freight forwarders take care of customs clearance. Please contact the export if you are concerned about documentation for sending your consignment from China to the UAE.

To summarize, the paperwork required for an international transaction typically includes:

  1. A commercial invoice
  2. A packing list
  3. A certificate of origin
  4. A letter of credit or other payment terms (in accordance with the contract between the parties)
  5. An ocean or air cargo bill of lading

In some situations, further documentation, such as certificates, permits, and licenses, is required to complete the customs clearance process. Your freight forwarder may be able to assist you in obtaining these documents if required.

Why Ship From China to UAE With ProConnect Integrated Logistics?

You’re not the only one thinking of outsourcing part of your operations to a 3PL, many companies and shippers agree and rely on us to efficiently support them. Optimizing supply chain is not easy, it requires tying lots of activities and ends together, opting for an experienced 3PL like ProConnect Integrated Logistics can offer many benefits – thanks to their expertise, experience, resources and of course, their network, which can reduce your supply chain risks marginally. You may or may not have a supply chain department of your own, but you still need a trusted team to identify and avoid potential risks and problems that can affect your supply chain operations. Therefore, a 3PL is often turned to and appointed by large companies as well as SMBs.

For any questions or evaluation, get in touch with us.

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