Case Study – Shipment by Sea

Recently, ProConnect Integrated Logistics handled a shipment by sea for a boat, an over dimensional shipment, weighing 10,000 kgs via sea freight.  Given it’s strong network with the shipping lines and the agents, the shipment was delivered successfully and well within the promised time.

UAE is the third most connected emerging economy for logistics for over 4 years now. ProConnect Integrated Logistics is one of the emerging 3PL companies handling freight forwarding, warehousing, custom clearance and other related services for its customers to and from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and India.

Shipment by Sea With ProConnect

“While this customer evaluated several quotes for his shipment, our flexible service, commitment and relationship is what made the customer choose us for their freight transport”, said ProConnect Integrated Logistics Operations Manager.

ProConnect was involved in door to port delivery of the boat, that involved local transportation of this over dimensional shipment from Al Jaddaf, Dubai to Jebel Ali port, Dubai, followed by sea freight from Jebel Ali port, Dubai, UAE to Chennai port, India.

Challenges Faced:
  • Larger than usual shipment size
  • Urgent requirement
  • Land transportation
  • Road height barriers
  • Restriction for night time movement
  • Safety & security
Solutions Designed:
  • Accommodating client needs with the shipping line
  • Managing a low bed truck for land transportation from Al Jaddaf to Jebel Ali port
  • Route planning to avoid height barriers
  • Permission for special movement from Government authorities
  • Hired escorts for security arrangements

Land transportation was indeed one of the big challenges, given the over dimensional cargo size and other barriers involved. Overcoming these required planning event the minute details.

ProConnect believes in customizing its solutions around the need, in order to keep up it’s commitment and to ensure timely delivery of the cargo to the customer. In addition to customizing the land transport, ProConnect also undertook the following services:

  • Export compliance and documentation
  • Custom Clearance

Customer Feedback for ProConnect –

“While we evaluated several freight forwarders in the UAE, what really made us choose ProConnect was their relationship skills and support, commitment to the service quality and not to mention, their competitive freight rates.

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