Role of 3PL in Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery lies at the core of any e-commerce business, thus choosing a good last mile delivery partner is vital for your e-commerce business to thrive and keep their customers happy.

In the past few years, logistics and supply chain industry has seen a huge shift, technological advancements being the primary force of the shift. Technology has not just elevated the work efficiency but has also been the prime driver of e-commerce or last mile delivery. Given the scope, expertise and resources, 3PL companies can very well execute last mile deliveries.

ProConnect Integrated Logistics is working with some of the rapidly growing e-commerce businesses across Saudi Arabia and UAE to manage their last mile deliveries in record time.

What is Last Mile Delivery?

Last Mile Delivery is the last step in the process of goods delivery. It essentially refers to delivery of individual or bundled goods/ products from a distribution center to a customer’s doorstep.

Last Mile Delivery - ProConnect

Having said so, it is obvious that last mile delivery contributes a big deal to end user satisfaction and is capable of judging a company based on it’s last mile delivery efforts. So, it goes without saying, that it is indeed the most essential part of the supply chain. Not just this, it is also time consuming and costly part of the logistics.

Why Let 3PL Companies Handle Last Mile Delivery?

In a few words: 3PL companies specialize in logistics and fulfillment.

Freight forwarding, warehousing, customs clearance and other ancillary services are the core business areas of a 3PL company; these companies deal with a large as well as small volumes of freight day in and day out, and are thus experts in optimizing resource and time in the process.

 A 3PL company, therefore, can handle last mile delivery in an optimized way as compared to an in-house logistics service, they are more transparent, efficient, time-sensitive and can reduce your costs comparatively. Therefore, if you are an e-commerce business, partnering with a third-party logistics firm would be a good idea.

Benefits of 3PL Companies Handling Last Mile Delivery:

Partnering with the experts is always a good choice, besides, it lets you concentrate on your core business. Here are some more benefits:

  • Goods Distribution – a 3PL can help you distribute your freight / stocks to various distribution centers in more than one country. In this process, it also takes care of the customs clearance for you. Based on your target audience, a 3PL can ensure your goods are stocked at the closest distribution centers.
  • Goods consolidation – with a 3PL, consolidating goods from various sources is efficient, quick and easy – which in turn can reduce your costs  
  • Product Repackaging – repacking and bundling of goods as per each customer’s orders could be time  and resource consuming. 3PL companies have the technology and resources to do this for you and in much lesser time.
  • Route Optimization – Route planning can highly impact the speed of the last mile deliveries – as the delivery executives make several stops at customer doorsteps. It is crucial for a company to optimize the delivery route, resulting in faster deliveries, better resource utilization, higher productivity at optimized costs.

  • Fast Delivery – Expect faster deliveries of your e-commerce product to your customers. This is achievable because a 3PL company can streamline the delivery process given its several distribution centers coupled with advanced route optimization.
  • Returns Management – E-commerce companies see high volume of product returns, and managing them is quite a hassle. 3PL companies can assist in making the returns process smooth and cost effective, in addition to giving you customer insight and product feedback.
  • Customer Satisfaction – There is nothing more important than making your customer happy. Faster deliveries, product packaging, delivery executive behavior, prompt  pickups, etc. all have impact on customer satisfaction, a 3PL companies ensure these are taken care of.

While there are several more benefits of having a 3PL company handle last mile deliveries for you, those mentioned above top the list.

ProConnect integrated Logistics For Last Mile Delivery

Logistics is complex, time consuming and expensive, instead of an e-commerce company investing a huge chunk of their revenue in last mile delivery management, it is best to rather optimize this cost and let experts, like ProConnect Integrated Logistics take care of your last mile delivery requirements.

ProConnect Integrated Logistics has established a wide reach across KSA and UAE, with several distribution centers near many major cities in both the countries, to ensure your products are delivered to customers in a very short span of time, making your customers happy! Major e-commerce companies have chosen ProConnect Integrated for their last mile delivery, it’s time you evaluate us too! Contact Us Now.

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